~~NOTOC~~ {{ :public:ssl_logo16.jpg?300}} ====== IDEAwiki ====== The Space Systems Lab is a research group at the University of Kentucky who design, build, test, operate, and analyze aerospace projects. Our main focus areas include Near-Space (High-Altitude Balloons, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Small Rockets), Sub-Orbital Space (Rockets which break the 100km line but do not achieve orbital velocity, or, rockets which achieve an earth-intersecting orbit), Orbital Space (CubeSats, NanoSats, etc. which are ejected into orbit around the earth), and Micro-Gravity Research aboard the ISS. Any questions please contact Timothy Lim <timothy.lim@uky.edu>\\ [[http://ssl.engineering.uky.edu/|SSL Public Webpage ]]\\ ===== Projects ===== [[ssl:projects:SG-RAMSat:default|SG-RAMSat:]] Development of the Stellar-Gyro-RAMSat CubeSat\\ [[ssl:petprojects:KTWO:default|KySat-2:]] Initial development of KySat-2. The second generation of satellite from Kentucky Space.\\ [[ssl:projects:ukeps:default|UK CubeSat Distributed EPS:]] Development of a standard EPS to use for future missions.\\ [[ssl:projects:cubelab_bus:default|AMES CubeLab Standard Bus:]] Part of the EPSCoR grant to create a standard CubeLab bus being developed to interface between the ISS NanoRacks and a NASA Ames payload.\\ [[ssl:petprojects:wallops:default|Wallops 6U Test Flight:]] Collaborating on a project with VTU for a test flight of Wallops new 6U deployer.\\ [[resources:projects|All Projects:]] See all projects being worked on in the Space Systems Lab.\\ [[ssl:project:k3:default|KySat-3:SG-Sat:]] KySat-3: SG-Sat CubeSat to be launched from International Space Station.\\ ===== Classes ===== [[classes:default|Classes (Public):]] Current and Previous Courses\\ ===== Knowledge Base ===== [[resources:sop:new_lab_member_checklist|New Lab Member Checklist]]\\ [[resources:sop:default|SOP / How-To Documents]] Standard operation procedures and instructional documents for SSL tasks.\\ [[resources:standards:default|Standards:]] Industry standards used throughout the lab.\\ [[resources:default|Server, Printer, Software Tools]] \\ [[resources:public|Open-source/Public How to's and other info]] \\ ===== Resources ===== [[resources:meeting_minutes|Meeting Minutes]]\\ [[people:default|Space Systems Lab Personnel:]]List of all lab members past and present.\\ [[resources:personnel|Contact Information / Calendar:]] List of current lab members, email addresses, and the lab calendar.\\ [[resources:labdocuments|Posters / Presentations:]] Past posters and presentations created by the lab.\\ [[resources:inventory|Inventory:]] List of all lab assets including computers and equipment.\\ [[publications:default|Publications:]] Papers or articles published by lab members.\\ [[resources:books:default|Book Library:]] List of reference manuals available. \\ [[classes:default|Classes (Public):]] Current and former classes that have participated in lab projects.\\ [[idea:projects:archive:projects|Project Archives:]] Projects from the old days in the lab.\\ ===== Wiki Information / Links ===== [[workspace:reflector_aliases|Wiki and SVN Group List:]] Access list for SVN repositories and Wiki Groups.\\ [[@/~idea/wiki/doku.php?id=&idx=default|Wiki Index:]] Index of namespaces in the Wiki.\\ [[:wiki:acronyms|Wiki Acronyms:]] Acronyms that are recognized by the Wiki.\\ [[projects:active:kysat:public:default|Kentucky Space (Public)]]\\

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