EE 383 - Introduction to Embedded Systems - Spring 2011

Instructors: Prof. James E. Lumpp Samir Rawashdeh
Office: 569 FPAT 559 FPAT
Email: jel [at] uky [dot] edu s [dot] rawashdeh [at] uky [dot] edu
Office Hours: Email to Arrange a Meeting MWF 2:4 PM
Lecture: MWF 01:00-01:50PM, 253 FPAT
TA: Fei Pan
TA Email: fei [dot] pan [at] uky [dot] edu
Lab Hours (FPAT551) Tuesday 9-11AM
Wednesday 12-5 PM
Friday: 2-5 PM
If you need to work outside of these hours, it can be arranged, contact an instructor
Textbook: The HCS12 / 9S12: An Introduction to Software and Hardware Interfacing, by Han-Way Huang (Second Edition, 2010)
Hardware Kit: 9S12: MiniDragon+USB Development Board, See “Getting Started” below.


Date Lecture Slides Assignments
W 1/12/11 Course Overview and Introduction
F 1/14/11 Syllabus, info sheets, Chapter1
M 1/17/11 MLK Day
W 1/19/11 Addressing Modes HW1
F 1/21/11 Finishing CH1, Addressing Modes Examples Chapter1 Slides
M 1/24/11 Ch2 Intro, Multi-precision Addition (Extended Addressing)
W 1/26/11 Multi-precision Subtraction (Indexed Addressing) Chapter2 Slides HW2
F 1/28/11 Program Loops, shift operations, delay loops, board demo demo.asm, Header File:hcs12.h
M 1/31/11 JEL: Logic Gates, FlipFlops
W 2/2/11 JEL: Memory Interface, Memory Mapping HW3
F 2/4/11 JEL: Memory Mapping
M 2/7/11 SSL AIAA Seminar
W 2/9/11 Chapter 3 - dev kit and debugging Lab1
F 2/11/11 Lab Day: D-Bug12 commands
M 2/14/11 JEL: One Bus Machine
W 2/16/11 JEL: Instruction Scheduling 1 HW4
F 2/18/11 JEL: Instruction Scheduling 2
M 2/21/11 CH4: Stack and Subroutines Chapter 4 Slides Lab2
W 2/23/11 Lab Day
F 2/25/11 CH4
M 2/28/11 EXAM 1
W 3/2/11 Lab 3 assignment, and Exam solutions Lab3
F 3/4/11 Lab Day
M 3/7/11 CH4: Hardware interfacing, delay loops, speaker interface
W 3/9/11 SCI Subsystem Chapter 9 Slides
F 3/11/11 SCI Routines and Lab4 Lab4
M-F 3/ 14-18 /11 SPRING BREAK
M 3/21/11 Analog-to-Digital Chapter 12 Slides
W 3/23/11 Sensor interface Lab5
F 3/25/11 ADC Subsystem
M 3/27/11 Advanced Assembly and Disassembly, S-Records
W 3/30/11 Interrupts Chapter6 Slides Lab6
F 4/1/11 Exam Review
M 4/4/11 EXAM 2
W 4/6/11 Real-time and IRQ interrupts Lab7
F 4/8/11 I2C Subsystem Chapter11 Slides
M 4/11/11 I2C Functions
W 4/13/11 I2C Thermostat Interface Final Projects
F 4/15/11 Timer, PWM, and Embedded Systems Applications Chapter 8, Popular Devices
Week of M 4/18/11 Lab Days
Week of M 4/27/11 (dead week) Debugging, Project Discussions, Exam Review
W 5/4/11 Exam3


Please acquire your hardware kits by 2/4

Topic Experiment Assignment date Signatures Due Writeup Due
1. Assembling, Loading and the MiniDragon PDF, lab1.asm 2/9 2/16 1/18
2. Debugging and D-Bug12 Commands PDF 2/21 2/25 3/2
3. Subroutines, 3-tone Siren PDF 3/2 3/11 3/11
4. Polled Serial I/O PDF, basicios12.asm 3/11 3/25 3/25
5. S-Record Loader PDF, lab5main.asm 3/23 4/1 4/1
6. Analog to Digital Subsystem PDF ,lab6main.asm 3/30 4/8 4/8
7. Interrupts and Real-Time PDF 4/6 4/15 4/15
Project: I2C Thermostat PDF 4/13 5/4 5/4
Project: Theremin PDF 4/13 5/4 5/4


Assignment Due Date Sample Solution
HW1: Chapter 1 Exercises 3,4,6,7,10,11,13,15,19,20 1/26 emailed
HW2: Chapter 2 Exercises 10,13,19 2/2 emailed
HW3: Memory Mapping HW3 PDF 2/9 HW3 Solution PDF
HW4: Instruction Scheduling HW4 PDF 2/23 HW4 Solution PDF

Course Information

Course Texts

Getting Started

  • Buy your MiniDragon+USB Development Board (Part number: MiniDR+/FH-USB) from EVBPlus: Student Purchase Link $109.00 on the Wytec Site. You want it programmed with Freescale D-Bug12 monitor.

Kits from previous semesters may be compatible, please see me for details.

Install MiniIDE, Sections 3.4 and 3.5 and Appendix D of the textbook are helpful:


Reference Material

Planning Calendar

Note: This calendar changes and evolves all the time and is only an estimate.

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