Kentucky Space

Project Description

The Kentucky Space (formerly KySat) Projects train students in the dynamics of spacecraft design, construction, testing and operation as a means of extending science and technology education, R&D, innovation and economic development in Kentucky.

The Kentucky Space projects will involve an ongoing continuum of satellite design, build and launch projects – each with increasing scope and complexity.

Personnel Involved

The genisis of the continuum is KySat1. It is a highly multidisciplinary effort spanning many colleges across many universities. The core technology team is comprised of students and faculty from across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The current listing is as follows:

  • Advisors
    • Keith Andrew – Western Kentucky University
    • Vincent A. DiNoto, Jr. – Kentucky Community and Technical College System
    • Jim Hereford – Murray State University
    • James Lumpp – University of Kentucky
    • Ben Malphrus – Morehead State University
    • Glen Prater – University of Louisville
    • George Pantalos – University of Louisville
    • Rammohan Ragade – University of Louisville
  • Management
    • Kris Kimel – President, KSTC
    • Joanne Lang – Executive Vice President, KSTC
    • Mahendra Jain – Vice President and Executive Director, KSTC
    • Jim Lumpp – University of Kentucky
    • Ben Malphrus – Morehead State University

Space Express Launch Video

Publications Generated

Recent Papers

  • T. Doering, S. Hishmeh, T. Dodson, A. White, P. Eluru, P. Padmanabhan, M. Gailey, K. Bux, M. Shulte, A. Crowe, W. Hutchison, III, C. Gleim, D. McClure, B. Malphrus, A. Kruth, J. Lumpp, Jr., “The KySat Space Express Sub-Orbital Mission Summary”
  • G. Chandler, D. McClure, S. Hishmeh, J. Lumpp, Jr., J. Carter, B. Malphrus, D. Erb, W. Hutchison, III, G. Strickler, J. Cutler, R. Twiggs, “Development of an Off-the-Shelf Bus for Small Satellites,” IEEEAC paper #1365, IEEE Aerospace Conference, Big Sky, Montana. March 2007.

See Also


* 29 October 2007, KySat Space Express CDR, University of Kentucky


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