Lab Resources

Microsoft Project: A series of Youtube videos explaining how to use Microsoft Project. Become a project management expert in 50 minutes!

Software Resources: Links to locally held copies of useful software

Development Boards: List of available development boards

STK Setup: How to set up STK on your computer and how to use [OV_tag] add information on how to use STK.

Printers: Information on how to access and service the printers available to the lab.

Servers: Information on accessing the servers used by the lab.

Email Reflectors: List of current email reflectors used within the lab for communication with lab members.

Internal Education: List of internal training topics presented in lab meetings.

Altium vs Eagle

PIC24 vs. F120


Linux Systems

3D Printing

Media Repositories

IDEA Photo Repository: (OV_TAG:We need to figure out what to do with these)

Video Repository:


Systems Engineering: Repository for materials describing best practices in project management and systems engineering.

Kalman Filters: Originally developed for use in spacecraft navigation, the Kalman filter turns out to be useful for many applications. It is mainly used to estimate system states that can only be observed indirectly or inaccurately by the system itself.

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