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All projects have a standard first page (Template) which gives basic information about the project and needs to be maintained by the project lead. The process of starting a project to be officially sponsored by the lab can be found in the Standard Operating Procedure entitled “How to Start a Project”.


KySat-3:SG-Sat: KySat-3: SG-Sat CubeSat to be launched from International Space Station.

Balloon X Upcoming balloon flight to fly high school payloads, new APRS board, and controlled descent.

Quadcopters Lab efforts with unmanned and micro aerial vehicles.

KySat-2 Initial development of KySat-2.

AMES CubeLab Standard Bus As part of the EPSCoR grant a standard CubeLab bus is being developed to interface between the ISS NanoRacks and a NASA Ames payload.

Inertial Measurement Unit(IMU) The IMU will fly on board balloons to measure altitude changes by measuring accelerations, rotation rates (gyros), and magnetic field (compass).

APRS Tracker A project to build a custom APRS tracker that can also log GPS coordinates and act as a general purpose data logger in a pinch.

Wallops 6U Test Flight Collaborating on a project with VTU for a test flight of Wallops new 6U deployer.

K-Bus Comms Processors Processor/toolchain selection for K-Bus processors

Stellar Gyro Embedded system that determines attitude using successive star pictures.

Drone Mapping Lab research of UAV systems for mapping applications.

Pet Projects

The following is a list of pet projects proposed, or being worked on, by individuals within the lab that aren't currently officially sponsored by SSL.

Surface-Mount Sockets Order/fab sockets Surface-Mount to DIP adapters for all principle surface mount components

3D Printer Finished Alarm Motion sensor and buzzer to detect when 3D printer has finished a print job, notify lab members

3DHD-HAB 3D High Definition High Altitude Balloon. With a primary payload being a Panasonic 3D HD Video Camera. Plans to fulfill educational outreach goals as well, and possibly testing hardware for future balloon missions.

High-Altitude Balloon Smart Enclosure High-Altitude balloon enclosure for critical/expensive payloads, includes fail-safe systems to ensure proper functionality and recovery of payload.

Public Ground Station Software PC Software that can be released tot he public and amateur radio community in order to increase our downlink capabilities from our CubeSats by having more ears out there. The main challenges is in writing a software FSK Demodulator - but there are open source projects out there that can be leveraged.

Standard Balloon Avionics Package A standardized balloon avionics package to provide a number of useful services (APRS tracking, GPS logging) as well as flexibility to implement a number of different instruments easily on the avionics board.

3D Printer OctoPrint Webserver A webserver to control the 3D printer using a Raspberry Pi


Small projects that are not fully fleshed out. Non-time critical but useful and can add to the lab. Feel free to add ideas (Please follow the template) and feel free to work on any of these. If you decide to work on an idea move the link from here to your Personal Pet Projects page and go to town. If you stop working on it, move the link back here. Looking forward to updates at the meeting!


Evaluation of S-Mount Lenses for space The lenses will cite a focal length, which is correct “in Air”, but what happens if they are put in the vacuum chamber? What happens to the focal length and the lens distortion in general?

Irradiance Sensor Design a small module that measures the irradiance of the Sun.

CoDeBReAKeR Controlled Descent Balloon Recovery Advanced by Kentucky Resarch.

Intelligent Ground Control Vehicle for the IGVC The Intelligent Ground Control Vehicle Competition takes place at Oakland University, MI every summer. In 2011, Dr. Lumpp and Samir went to check things out partly to see about having UK participate in the future. There are several competitions and challenges at that event. Bots are expected to navigate a course staying within the two white lines on the grass and avoid obstacles while moving along given GPS waypoints.


Mini Danzilla Design a small module that emulates a singe CubeLab Frame slot.


Spin Table - Design, Programming, and Building of a spin table to characterize gyros and support the stellar gyroscope research.

CubeLab Ops - Integrating and operating CubeLabs real-time on the International Space Station through the NanoRacks.

HAMSTER-3(D) - HAMSTER-3(D) carrying Panasonic 3D video camera payload.

Balloon4 - Kentucky Space DropZone program Test Flight-1.

Balloon3 - A high altitude balloon mission flying a 3D Camera. Codename: Artemis.

Balloon2 - A quick turn-around high altitude balloon training mission.

Balloon1 - High altitude balloon project. Launched July 2008. Results include sensor data, flight map, and pictures.

NASA EPSCoR 08 Research Area Program - Contains the materials that comprise the parts of the KySat NASA EPSCoR Proposal entitled: Advancing Kentucky's Small Satellite Development Capabilities.

Space Express




Space Cowboy

BeagleBoard Programming BeagleBoard-xM programming efforts, continuation of LepoardBoard Programming.

LeopardBoard Programming LeopardBoard programming efforts for Stellar Gyro work and future CubeSat cameras.

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