Procedure / Instructions

STM32F407 PX OS Notes

Contact Info Page:

Monthly Reports: Blank monthly report forms are located here.

New Lab Member Checklist Activities every new lab member should complete to get up to speed in the lab so that they can hit the ground running.

Infrastructure Roles: Descriptions of roles and responsibilities for maintaining lab infrastructure

HAM Shack Equipment Checkout Proceedures: Description detailing the procedure of checking equipment from the HAM shack.

Travel: What to remember when traveling for the lab and how to get a reimbursement check.

Ordering: How to get materials and supplies ordered. Lab supplies, project materials, etc. Also includes information for the Order Manager.

Building Keys and Lab Door Access: How to get swipe card access to the labs and keys for the front door of FPAT.

How to get your Master's at UK: Self Explanatory

Using/Setting-Up Email Reflectors: How to use e-mail reflectors to communicate with the lab.

Organizing Firmware Projects: How to create and organize folders for a firmware project.

SVN How-To: Guide on using Subversion (SVN) repositories.

Samba How-To: Using Samba for media in the lab.

Thermal Chamber Instructions

Ordering PCBs

PCB Fabrication

PCB Population Checklist

ARM Quickstart Guide: This is the guide for getting started with the ARM S3 Development Boards.

F120 Quickstart Guide: This is the guided for getting started with the Silicon Labs 8051F120 Dev Board.

Adhesives for Aerospace Applications

Vacuum Chamber Procedure

3D Printer Instructions

ARM Cortex M Series Resources

After Installing Altium Designer 10

Installing Python How to install python for different operating systems and projects

STK Renewal Previous renewal information

Ordering Industrial Gases Ordering industrial gases from Scott Gross

Raspberry Pi Howto's: How to setup stuff on Raspberry Pi

Linux Howto's: All things Linux

Morse and YARP: Morse Simulator and YARP Installation


PowerPoint Presentation Recommendations: Simple things to remember when putting together a PowerPoint presentation.

Coding Style Guide: Guidelines on writing code for lab projects.

Code Inspection Process: A description of the SSL code inspection process.

Infrastructure Usage Guidelines: A guide on when to use which service (Wiki, Feng Office, Email, Drop Box, etc…)

Wiki Usage Recommendations: A guide to proper Wiki-ing.


SOP Video Repository: Links to YouTube videos on how to do basic things around the lab.

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