**New Lab Member Checklist**

All new lab members should complete this checklist during their first week in the lab.

Useful email addresses:

  1. Anna Lazarova: alazarova@engr.uky.edu
  2. Dr Lumpp: jel@uky.edu

Departmental Information

        Step 1:     Use the link  to apply online for the Teaching Assistant position with the ECE
        Step 2:     Send an e-mail to anna.boyanovsky@uky.edu to confirm that you submitted your application
        Step 3:     Go to Scovell Hall (Bldg # 64 on the campus map (http://www.ppd.uky.edu/CampusMaps/VisitorMap.pdf) to get your mandatory I-9
                    form completed. More information on what documents you need to present you can find here: http://www.uky.edu/HR/tempjobsi-.html.
        Step 4:     Bring all the documents from the HR office to the ECE office located in 453B F. Paul Anderson Tower. The HR office will not send
                    them to the department automatically.
        Step 5:     In Anna Boyanovsky's office she will ask you to complete a “Direct Deposit Form” (do not forget to bring a voided check with
                    you), W-4 Federal Withholding Form and Kentucky Withholding K-4 Form.
        The dates when you will receive a payment are listed in the UK Payroll payment schedule: http://www.uky.edu/EVPFA/Controller/files
        If you have any questions, contact Anna Boyanovky's at:
        Phone: 859-257-4740
        E-mail: anna.boyanovsky@uky.edu 

SSL Information

        Step 1:     Get Wiki and FengOffice access. See who is managing these services and ask them to add you.
        Step 2:     Get access to the SSL Google Calendar, have someone share it with you.
        Step 3:     Get yourself added to the SSL email reflector. Ask for the student managing the email list to be added to the list.
        Step 4:     Ask about getting key card access for the lab. Ask Dr. Lumpp to what rooms you'll need access, then talk to Richard Anderson.
                    Possible Rooms: 551 - Embedded Systems Lab
                                    553 - HAM Shack
                                    559 - Main Lab Room
                                    571 - Ops Room
        Step 5:     Timesheets are filled out online every week, ask your colleagues how this works. 
        Step 6:     Look over the Standard Operating Procedures, like Static Safety and other important aspects of working in the lab.

Standard Operating Procedures

        Step 7:     Get access to the webshare/idea servers (Space Drive). Talk to the student managing the servers to get added to the list.

Server Information

        Step 8:     Add the network printers to your computer if they aren't already there.

Printer Information

        Step 9:     If you need SVN access talk the student managing SVN about getting added to the correct SVN repositories.
        Step 10:     Talk to senior lab members and have them brief you on the current projects being worked on in the lab.
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