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The following is a description of industry standards used in the lab. For internal standards please see Standard Operating Procedures


Space Plug-and-Play Avionics (SPA) was developed several years ago to in an attempt to reduce the complexity of systems using an architecture that implements a form of machine-negotiation. This is very similar to the transition from serial devices to USB devices in the late 1990s in the computer industry. In simple terms, a generic sensor is connected to an Applique Sensor Interface Module (ASIM). The ASIM is a hardware/software interface that is programmed to understand the properties and communication protocols of the generic sensor. Multiple ASIMs can be plugged into a C&DH host which contains a Software Data Model (SDM). The SDM will automatically communicate with every ASIM that has been attached and “discover” the properties of the generic sensors.

A more detailed description of the system can be found here: SPA




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